Self Worth

Self Worth

For those readers who may new to my blog,, I would like to introduce myself. My name is Cynthia and I began blogging earlier this year out of a passion for motivating others to realize their dreams of success…no matter what that may be. Subsequently, while my parent site, is dedicated to the job search process, is dedicated to providing inspiration to other aspirations which are not career search related. My sincere desire is to motivate you from a holistic perspective of mind, body and spirit. So, this, my inaugural post for this site, is simply titled, “Self-Worth.”
I begin almost everything with prayer. I pray for guidance, discernment, purpose, and to be used as a positive example to someone who is struggling with a life issue and does not know where to turn. Those things that I fail to begin with prayer usually do not turn out as well, so when I realize that things are not going as well as they likely could be, I come to my senses and return to my origin of success…prayer. As I was in prayer about my first post on this site, I heard an advertisement from Bishop T.D. Jakes which stated, “…Teach others to love you by how you love yourself.” To me that was confirmation, that the subject that I had already pondered was appropriate.
Something that pains me is to see people who allow others to determine their value. Sadly, what they have yet to realize is that other human beings do not determine our value, God does. As a result, each one of us has a respective responsibility to carry ourselves in a manner that is representative of the value that has been put in us. I have been in situations in which others have tried to speak negativity into my life and exhibited behavior that I thought that I would never see. What I have had to remember, especially working in the Human Resources field, is that people don’t always act appropriately. I just continue to smile every day; walk with my head held high; and not act impulsively. I am able to do so because I know my self-worth and I encourage you to remember yours as well. I also know that God protects me because of my faith in Him, so although every day has not been easy, He has strengthened and sustained me. We must remember that each of us has talents, knowledge and abilities that are meant to play an important part in the world in which we live. For the readers who are not aware, I am a twenty-four plus (24+) year veteran of the Human Resources profession. If I were not able to discount this person’s statements about, and treatment of me, and allowed them to get into my psyche, I would probably be a basket case. The longer I live, I realize that my Mother having told me many years ago that I have a special way of making people feel better, was an acknowledgment of a characteristic that is one of the keys to my pre-destined purpose in life. You see, people are my passion and I enjoy helping others see possibilities and approach their situation as an opportunity to overcome a challenge instead of focusing on the problem. Subsequently, for me, choosing Human Resources as my profession was natural. Because I have also been blessed with effective listening, verbal, and written communications abilities and I aspire to continually evolve, I believe that my blogs, which have required me to study WordPress and SEO, independently, enable me to utilize my evident gifts, while also developing other talents that I did not know I had. It will also afford me the opportunity to positively influence many more people than I would be able to as solely functioning as a representative an organization.
I decided to share this with you because I want you to know that I have been in difficult situations just as many of you have. I also know that some things can appear to be almost impossible to overcome at times; however, I cannot encourage you enough to steel your will and endure in spite of your current circumstances. Why? Because nothing, not even unpleasant situations last forever, so never sell yourself short and give another person the power to make you feel “less-than.” Remember that the very person who is trying to minimize your worth has shortcomings themselves and often gains such great joy from belittling others because it diverts the focus from their own insecurities. They also lack a high level of character and spiritual maturity, so why should you be concerned so much about what they think of you? Yes, we all have areas in which we can improve, so take an introspective look at yourself, take steps towards improvement where it is needed, then move on with your head held high. Don’t wallow in self-pity because someone does not like you. I promise you that you will be amazed at the positive energy that will come your way. God will send encouragement through “new” people who mean you well and believe in relationship-building. They may not be a stranger to you, but may be a co-worker or other person with whom you had never had more than a casual conversation…if at all. They may also be someone whom you have never met, but when you do meet, you realize that the two of you have had some similar life experiences and can use them to encourage each other. We are to build each other up and treat each other with love and respect, even if we don’t like each other’s ways, so it is very important that you hold yourself to a high standard and not lower yourself to a mean-spirited person’s level. Doing so will not make you feel better. It will only leave you feeling guilty because you did not carry yourself in the proper manner. If you leave it alone, it will get taken care of, I guarantee it. As the word says, “…the battle is not ours. It’s the Lord’s.” Through it all, you will learn great new things about yourself, such as your spiritual growth; that God is with us even during adversity; and that you are strong in the strength of our Maker.
Know that you are fearfully and wonderfully made in the image of Almighty God (Ps. 139). If you need confirmation of these facts, I invite you to visit It blessed me and I hope that it will do the same for you.

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Who Is Cynthia B. Okonkwo? I am a wife and a mom who is a people person by heart. I live in metro-Atlanta and work as a Human Resources professional and have over twenty-four years experience in the field. My experience includes Compensation, Training, Recruiting, Employee Relations, Benefits, and Selection Procedure Development; however, Employee Relations is my passion because I enjoy interacting with others and helping them to solve problems. I became interested in Human Resources while on a work-study assignment during my sophomore year in undergraduate school. I chose management as my major because I was not quite certain what I wanted to do after college and I knew that an off-shoot of Business Administration was a safe, general choice that could help me get into a number of career fields. My work-study assignment was as an assistant to the campus Director of Career Services. There, I learned to make cold calls to area businesses to seek out employment opportunities for students and alumni. I also learned how to format vacancy announcements and resumes. Since writing had always been one of my strengths, I enjoyed my assignment so much that I requested to be reassigned to that department for most of the remainder of my undergraduate career. My Director also provided resources on job interview preparation and she allowed me to type resumes for students who did not have one and charge $1 per page to make a few extra bucks. I got a full-time job immediately after graduation, but it wasn’t in Human Resources; however, I had a Vice President who took me under his wings and allowed me to review employment applications for job openings at the Distribution Center where I worked, so this helped to strengthen my resume. It took me about two and a half years to secure my first full-time job in the field of human resources where I became a trained test developer for the State’s Government Merit System. From there my career has continued to grow. My blog was born out of my desire to write a book that provides practical job search tips and advice, from a spiritual, holistic perspective. After having drafted about three chapters, I got busy with grad school and obtained my MBA; got married and started a family. In 2013, I became SPHR (Sr. Professional in Human Resources) certified. I started seeing other people’s blogs, became interested and thought that blogging might be a great alternative, or spring board to completing my book, so here we are today. My sincere hope is that what I write will help someone. Enjoy!

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