Paint Your Mental Picture of Job Search Success

Paint Your Mental Picture of Job Search Success

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Today, I will share with you my recommendations for making a plan that will help you to stay organized, on task, and more relaxed as you progress towards your next assignment. If you have read my biography, you know that Nnamtique’s mission is to provide practical job search tips and advice, from a spiritual, holistic perspective. As such, it should come as no surprise to any of my readers that I do not believe in coincidence, happenstance, or luck. I believe in destiny and rely heavily on my spiritual foundation and beliefs for guidance in everything that I do. So now that you are in the right mindset to launch your job search, I encourage you to see yourself living out your dream. You see, if you are unable to paint a mental picture of yourself achieving your objectives before they come to fruition, how in the world can you expect to develop an effective plan of action to realize them? The concept of the ideal job is as individual as each of us. There is no one-size fits all solution.

If you need a little more help to create your mental picture, I invite you to read Visualization A Key To Achieving Your Goals, by Essential Life author, Zorka Hereford. I also believe in writing the vision and making it plain… (Habakkuk 2:2), so I encourage you to make a list of the must-haves that your new gig must offer in order for you to jump on board and join the team. Another reason why it is so important to put your list in writing is that it keeps your thought processes organized and helps you to remain focused on what is truly important. So come on, find yourself a pen and paper and start daydreaming. Envision your ideal job, with the organization that you choose; the work schedule that you want; in the (city/town, state, country, etc.) where you want to live and work; at the salary and with the health and wellness benefits that you want; the vesting and retirement plan that you seek; great amounts of paid time off; as well as the colleagues and the physical and emotional work environment, as well as any of the other characteristics that you need to be motivated to your highest levels of creativity and productivity.

Searching for a new job is a job within itself, that being said, it can be a challenging process. So why not increase your probability of success by doing a little ground work on the front-end? By following this advice, you will have already drafted the blueprint for your productive, successful career search and when you are writing your cover letters and updating your resume, you will have a tangible goal to work towards. Not only will you be motivated to persevere as you balance this with a current job, that you are obviously not totally satisfied with, as well as family and/or other responsibilities, you will also be more likely to achieve your goal.

Get ready…victory is on the horizon.

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Who Is Cynthia B. Okonkwo? I am a wife and a mom who is a people person by heart. I live in metro-Atlanta and work as a Human Resources professional and have over twenty-four years experience in the field. My experience includes Compensation, Training, Recruiting, Employee Relations, Benefits, and Selection Procedure Development; however, Employee Relations is my passion because I enjoy interacting with others and helping them to solve problems. I became interested in Human Resources while on a work-study assignment during my sophomore year in undergraduate school. I chose management as my major because I was not quite certain what I wanted to do after college and I knew that an off-shoot of Business Administration was a safe, general choice that could help me get into a number of career fields. My work-study assignment was as an assistant to the campus Director of Career Services. There, I learned to make cold calls to area businesses to seek out employment opportunities for students and alumni. I also learned how to format vacancy announcements and resumes. Since writing had always been one of my strengths, I enjoyed my assignment so much that I requested to be reassigned to that department for most of the remainder of my undergraduate career. My Director also provided resources on job interview preparation and she allowed me to type resumes for students who did not have one and charge $1 per page to make a few extra bucks. I got a full-time job immediately after graduation, but it wasn’t in Human Resources; however, I had a Vice President who took me under his wings and allowed me to review employment applications for job openings at the Distribution Center where I worked, so this helped to strengthen my resume. It took me about two and a half years to secure my first full-time job in the field of human resources where I became a trained test developer for the State’s Government Merit System. From there my career has continued to grow. My blog was born out of my desire to write a book that provides practical job search tips and advice, from a spiritual, holistic perspective. After having drafted about three chapters, I got busy with grad school and obtained my MBA; got married and started a family. In 2013, I became SPHR (Sr. Professional in Human Resources) certified. I started seeing other people’s blogs, became interested and thought that blogging might be a great alternative, or spring board to completing my book, so here we are today. My sincere hope is that what I write will help someone. Enjoy!

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